Bill DeVore is misleading voters again: Here are the facts

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

South Carolina has become the envy of the nation. That is no accident. While Bill DeVore lies about me and distorts the truth about what Governor McMaster, the conservative Republican legislature, and I have accomplished, I’ll rise above it and keep fighting for you, like I always have.

With so much dishonesty yet again coming from Bill DeVore and his dark money groups, I wanted to take the opportunity to set the record straight and highlight the facts.

Trusted conservative leaders like Governor Henry McMaster, Attorney General Alan Wilson, SC Citizens for Life, and the NRA have all rejected DeVore’s lies and are supporting our campaign. I hope you will too.

Results Matter

I have fought for our country overseas in combat and defended our country at the border. In Columbia I continue to fight to preserve our liberties and defend the values that make our State so great. Politicians talk. Leaders deliver results. I have always worked to deliver meaningful results and in the last 4 years, I have helped deliver unprecedented conservative victories for the people of House District 33.

100% Pro-Life

I served on the Committee that drafted the most Pro-Life legislation in S.C. history, sponsored the Human Life Protection Act and the Heartbeat Bill S0474, and championed it into law. Passed the House 5/16/23; Signed by Governor McMaster 5/25/23

DeVore’s claim that I have funded abortions is not only false and disgusting, but it is in fact impossible. It is against state law for any taxpayer funds to go to abortions. S.C. Code Section 43-5-1185

Cutting Taxes, Removing Roadblocks to Success, and Stopping Waste

I sponsored and passed the largest tax cuts in State history and am fighting for more right now. I have also ensured that we have a balanced budget every single year. H 4300, H 5100

I’m fighting for tort reform to make South Carolina even more business-friendly and to ensure the judicial branch is transparent and accountable, while punishing criminals. S 1046 Passed the House on May 7, 2024

Defending the 2nd Amendment

I sponsored Constitutional Carry H3549, the most expansive 2nd Amendment protection law in state history. Passed the House 2/23/23; Signed by Governor McMaster 3/7/24

Protecting Underage Children from Radical Transgender Mutilations

I helped pass the “Help Not Harm” Bill H4624 which prohibits gender reassignment surgeries on minors. Passed the House 1/17/24 Bill signing ceremony held May 30, 2024 with Governor McMaster in Spartanburg

Allowing Parents to Make Decisions about their Children’s Education

I helped pass H5164 which expanded the Education Scholarship Trust Fund giving parents more options in their children’s education while maintaining funding for public schools. Passed by the House 3/20/24, Signed by Governor McMaster

Holding Bureaucrats Accountable and Stopping Mandates

During COVID, I worked with Governor McMaster to prevent any medical mandates that were being pushed down from the federal government. South Carolina set the standard.

Legislation I championed does the opposite of DeVore’s already-debunked claim about a “Health Czar” and in fact adds accountability. My amendments to this bill specifically bar the bureaucrats from mobilizing the National Guard or directing our Sheriffs.  DeVore’s claim has been repeatedly debunked.

Why Won’t DeVore Answer for These False Claims?

I would have loved the opportunity to debate these issues with Bill directly and let the voters know exactly where we each stand on the issues, which is why I attended every single candidate forum here in Spartanburg County. Bill, however, refused to participate in any of the candidate forums here in Spartanburg County. 

  • Spartanburg County Republican Party Candidate Forum May 9, 2024
  • One Spartanburg Candidate Forum May 15, 2024
  • Palmetto House Republican Women Candidate Forum May 20, 2024

I would humbly ask that you reject smears, half-truths, and outright lies, and again entrust me with your vote on June 11. As always, please do not hesitate to reach out if I can ever be of service.


Travis Moore

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